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Change is the only constant in life. The best chance of survival is for the one that is most adaptable to change!

Lockdowns and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have necessitated BMTRADA VENTURES LLC to adopt appropriate changes in the methods of auditing, collecting data and maintaining certification of customers without compromising on integrity, due professionalism, due diligence and the confidentiality of information accessedduring the audit. This is achieved by adhering to IAF, UKAS, EIAC and ENAS policies and procedures issued in recognition of practical feasibilityduring the Global Pandemic.BM TRADA VENTURES LLC values and accords great importanceto the safety and wellbeing of customers, auditors and staff as well as to be socially responsible for public health bystrictly following government guidelines.

BM TRADA VENTURES LLC believes that,in line with the times, it is indeed a huge responsibility to develop adapted protocols for remote audits that comply with the requirements of accreditation bodies, thereby instilling confidence in customers on auditing methods. Thus, keeping in mind the unforeseen prevailing conditions, we focus on each of our individual customers and their existing contexts;we are able to provide a robust process for certification according to a variety of standards and schemes in various industries, ranging from manufacturing and services, to food production and Trade.

The reference of the standards under the present challenging conditions are given below; they can be downloaded to understand more about remote auditing methods.
  • IAF statement on COVID-19, in particular highlighting pre-existing documents such as
  • IAF ID 3:2011 Informative Document for Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting ABs, CABs and Certified Organizations
  • IAF MD 4:2018 IAF Mandatory Document for the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Auditing/Assessment Purposes.
  • Remote auditing activities for Accredited Food Safety Certification. IAF Food working Group Task Force GFSI Document
  • IAF COVID-19 related FAQs – whilst exceptional circumstances and the use of remote auditing and assessment have been used before, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided challenges never experienced before.

Our remote audit methods and practices include:
  • Remote audits being performed by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Limitations do apply and you will be contacted by your auditor if this is applicable to your business.
  • Remote product sampling, where required, is being performed by video link in Microsoft Teams/Zoom or following a strict procedure. Limitations do apply and will be reviewed during the application process.
  • Audit coordination and support will continue through our Operation Division. Please contact us through your usual point of contact.
  • If your certification is linked to, or reliant on testing of any sort, our testing services are also operational.
  • Our training teams still remain fully operational and we have the systems in place to continue to deliver training courses by our team of expert tutors.
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