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The management system certification process follows three simple steps:

1. Application and review

Complete the BMTV Request for Quote form. This allows us to accurately define your scope of certification and to provide you with a quotation and a competent audit team.

2. Initial certification audit (includes 2 mandatory visits)

Stage 1 – this audit is to confirm your readiness for the stage 2 audit. It includes:

  • review of the management system documentation
  • evaluation of the location and site specific conditions
  • review of the status and understanding of the requirements of the standard
  • evaluation of whether internal audits and management reviews are planned and performed

Stage 2 – this audit is to confirm that your management system fully conforms with the requirements of the ISO standard. It includes:

  • evaluation of the level of implementation and effectiveness of the management system according to the requirements of the standard
  • a sample audit of the processes and activities defined in the scope, a written report on the audit findings and non conformances that need to be addressed.

3. Certification

On completion of step two (and closure of any identified non-conformances) certification is granted by BMTV. You will be issued with a certificate and certification marks to demonstrate and promote your certification.

Certification is valid for three years and is maintained through a programme of 2 annual surveillance audits and a recertification audit in the third year before the certification expires.


BMTV Certification Process- Management Systems
Process flow chart

Important Note:
  • the interval between stage one and stage two shall not be more than 6 months. If the interval between stage one and stage two is longer than 6 months, the stage one audit shall be repeated.
  • for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System / HACCP:

the stage 1 shall be carried out at the client’s premises in order to achieve the objectives as required in the standard

In exceptional circumstances, part of stage 1 can take place off-site and shall be fully justified. The evidence demonstrating that stage 1 objectives are fully achieved shall be provided. Exceptional circumstances can include very remote location, short seasonal production.

Stage 1 audit findings will be documented and communicated to the client, including identification of any areas of concern that could be classified as nonconformity during the stage 2. The client shall be informed that the results of the stage 1 may lead to postponement or cancellation of the stage 2 audit.

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